Friday, August 26, 2011

wedding invites

Ron worked so hard and so long on designing our wedding invitations! i am really proud of him and i really enjoy all the thought and humor he put into them! We hope you like them!
we had a great time at our friends, Dan and Les, ' screenprinting our invitations. yes, i did pull several screens myself, all the nice and even ones are mine. ha! we are so grateful to Dan for his time and patience, with us! we would not have gotten it done so quick without his expertise!
Thanks to my sister, Holly and her nice handwriting, all the labels got printed! My handwriting does not even pass my own standards! we apparently picked the right person, in grade school, Holly was picked by the class to write the letter to the president! phew! i'm glad for those credentials!
After talking to Ron and some tough decisions on stamps for the mailing, i went outside to my car and started feverishly sticking them (and labels, and stickers to close the envelope) on the invite. I thought the post office closed at 5, and only had 15 mins to get as much as i could done. i was startled by someone honking at me and realized it was my sister, Beth. She informed me the post office was open til 6, which bought me more time. after she came back out of the post office, she got in my car to help me stick and stamp! Thanks to her, we got them all done.
This makes it official, right!?
We are so excited and can't wait to celebrate with all of our amazing friends and family!