Sunday, March 15, 2009

sunday afternoon

ron and i have been splitting cleaning duties today!!  he told me he loves
doing house duties with me.  aww!! 
we are getting ready for St. Patrick's Day, Dogtown -style this tuesday.
(it's supposed to be a gorgeous day and i can't wait to share it with my friends!!)
we started the day off going to the dollar store for st. pat's gear. and then to home depot 
for some paint.  ron has been finishing the painting we started a year and a half ago when we 
moved into this place.   
the picture above is what the wall is going to look like.   
i have been on bathroom and major kitchen duty.   you might want to wear 
sunglasses when you stop by Tuesday, this place is gonna be shining!! 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We clean-up nice

Saturday night, Claire and I got all prettied-up to go to a fancy dress-up party at Mangia for our friend Barb's 30th birthday.

As one can never be too prettied-up, evan as I was puling on my coat and finally ready to leave, Claire realized there was one last detail she had forgotten.

She needed her nails did.

I waited patiently, coat on.

Claire tries to facilitate the drying process by shaking her hands around so fast they disappear.

Nails still wet, we take off for the party, arriving just minutes before... 

...The blowing out of the candles on Barb's gooey butter birthday cake (from Gooey Louie's).

What followed was an enjoyable evening of fine people...

(Leslie, Erica, Steve, Claire, David.)

(Stephen, Barb, Christian)

Leslie, Steve, David, Matt, Bevin)
(Bevin, Matt, Erica?, the guy in the front, John, Steve, Claire, Leslie, Brad)

(Alice, Mike)


(John, Bevin, David)

...and fine dancing (especially by Barb and Dave.)

(Classic myspace-esque cute couple shot.)

Happy 30th Barb! Thanks for a great evening (as always.)