Friday, October 17, 2008

today it was a good day...

while waiting on a client at work this morning, laura came back to tell me andrea was sick and they needed someone to go to an alive magazine photo shoot. she said it would be a prominent man of st. louis and i would need to powder his face and apply product to his hair. after my client, and collecting some items from the salon, i headed downtown st. louis. i arrived at photographer, Tuan's studio. after setting up, Reshma, an art director from alive magazine briefed me on the look of the shoot.
it was a guy named Nate from a sneaker co. called Greedy Genius.

He helped Nelly start up apple bottom jeans. after that was going well, he left to start a tshirt co., and then the shoes. he was really nice, he said he had never had makeup on his face before, he thought it was cool that the makeup could cover up his blemishes from a stressful week. we powdered his nose and shiny, shaved head and he was off to the camera. 20 minutes later, we were done. quick and easy. such a rush! It was one of those days "at work", when you realize this is why you are doing what you do!
i also got free tickets off kdhx for the faint show, on sunday, at the bluenote in columbia, mo.


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