Thursday, October 16, 2008

never leave your camera at home...

ok, since ron isn't going to blog about it, i will. sunday, ron and i went to companion bread for lunch. driving on kingshwy, ron passed up the turn for maryland plaza, and made a u-turn to come back. waiting to turn onto maryland plaza, this man was crossing the street, ron says "nice fucking john waters dude!", at second glance, ron said " wait, that is john waters!" i told ron to roll down the window.
i yelled, "Hey John!" He turned and waved! Ron remembered he was in town for a talk and art show, probably staying at the chase park plaza.
funny thing, ron is never the celebrity spotter.
i don't know what it is with the williams girls and john waters, but my sisters, holly and beth have seen him the last two years they have gone to provincetown, ma.
"Hey John! i think the williams girls should star in one of your films, something tasteful!"


Anonymous said...

Whoa! That's awesome!


ron said...

I think you might want to watch more John Waters movies before you make an offer like that.
(And, I don't think I was quite so abrasive when I first saw him either...but maybe I was.)

Anonymous said...

for the record, it was i who spotted him on our first trip. although i didn't muster up the courage to call him out.

claire said...

i would invite you to be in the movie too, maggie.
i mean, you are the honorary sister.