Thursday, October 9, 2008

movie time

ron and i have been busy watching many movies this week.
sunday was der golem.
monday, right after 'heroes' was over, we ran up to galleria to see 'nick and nora's infinite playlist'. ron and i both liked it, which is rare. a hipster love story, two teens fall in love because they both like the same music. ron commented how fun it would have been to be a teenager in new york city. he would have gotten so lost with his sense of direction. comments overheard afterward "that movie was perfect", said a high school boy. "yeah, i bet that soundtrack is really good", said his friend.
tuesday we both had the day off. we watched 'made of honor'.
i think romantic comedies are getting to be way too predictable, so it was just that predictable. ron and i are still trying to figure out what they did to patrick dempsey to make him look younger for his college years. his eyes looked really squinty, so we think they pulled his face back. creepy!!
later that night after our favorite dinner of couscous crusted salmon, ron and i watched the 2008 update of the original Halloween, by Rob Zombie. Ron made the comment, "he always has to white trash it up". some scenes were matched up almost exactly to the original, down to the house and street. but altogether, not that scary of a movie, just gorey and "trashy".
on the way home from work last night, i decided ordering pizza would be the easiest thing to do for dinner. which reminded me that ron and i had rented a movie called 'pizza'. it's a very low budget film starring Ethan Embry. i had no idea that Ethan embry could sing. it was really cheesy (no pun intended), and really bad!
we do have one more rented movie to watch 'the hitcher', another remake.
stay tuned...

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