Sunday, October 5, 2008

Local Comics Shop Makes Good

(poster by Dan Zettwoch)

Friday night we went to the 20th Anniversary Party/Art Show for Star Clipper, the best little comics shop in this town (and many others.) The owners, Ben and A.J. Trujillo, invited several of the local comic book creators (and me, which is too kind) to create and show pieces based on any of the following themes: 20 years, 1988-2008, comics, Star Clipper, or St. Louis.
I and a couple of my comic club drawing friends decided to take some of the drawings/characters we had done back in (or around) 1988 and update them in some manner. (Keep in mind that these other 2 guys are actual professional comic book drawers...)

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Dan Zettwoch: Cover (2008) to the premier issue of Society of Super Robot Forces

Dan Zettwoch: Cover and pages (1988) for premier issue of SSRF

Brian Hurtt: I forget what the title is here, but this is another updated piece.
(top) Pony-tailed motorcycle guy vs.robot/armor guy (2008)
(bottom) same (1988)

Ron Weaver: (top) original designs for Freedom Force(l) and The Alliance of Evil(r) (c.1988)
(bottom)Freedom Force -Alliance of Evil 20 year reunion (2008)

Since even the larger images are too blurry to read, this is the line-up:(bottom piece, l-r) Size-Master, Therma-Freeze, Manphibian, Switchblade, Shriek, Berserker, Crime General, Power Master, Ani-man, Mecha-Man

Here are another couple of pieces with a different approach:

Brian Yap: The shoes and one other thing stand the test of time (that's not the title, I forgot to remember that.)

Anchovy: doing his thing with the thrift store paintings. I know Spidey is cool, but it's hard not to root for the Goblin here.

Finally, my camera ran out of battery power before I could get a picture of a few others, so maybe you'll have to go down there yourself if interested. In particular I would've shown the pieces by another comic club friend, Kevin Huizenga. In lieu of that, you can find his work here.

OK, that's all. Now go buy comics.


theodore said...

wow -- did you really save those drawings from 20 years ago?! now i'm going to have to dig up some old sketches of my own, maybe i'll scan them and send them to you for a laugh. :)

ron said...

Yeah, those are actually probably from more like '85-'86. I didn't have a full team drawing from '88 for both teams. I did update the good guys around "88 but only Therma-freeze and Manphibian survived. You should send me yours. I promise I will laugh.