Monday, April 26, 2010


(header courtesy of the royale website)
It got late to go to the grocery store or even fix dinner, so Ron and i went to the Royale.

(photo courtesy of the royale website)
We split the Juniata (veggie burger made with match "meat") and an east west club (with match "meat" chicken). i ordered the sweet potato chips as my side and they were perfectly done (sometimes they are too done). the food is always good! next time, its time to split the fish tacos again (best fish tacos in St. Louis)!


Ms. Beth Williams said...

i think long john slivers might be trying to compete with the royale fish tacos.

HMW said...

I haven't eaten at the Royale in a while! Next time I'll go!

beebers said...

I saw you (while I was eating fish tacos)! But I was stuck on the inside of our booth and never got a chance to say hi! So HI! :)


claire said...

i was going to say "Hi" too, but you were in the middle of eating! i love the Royale, such yummy food!
i'm so glad you found Ron and my blog! welcome!