Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday weekend

i turned 31 this weekend.
Friday, April 9 (my official birthday) Ron and i split a beautiful Nicoise salad and artichoke toasted ravs at Katie's Pizza for lunch! even the bread rolls were amazing!!

Friday night, after flat ironing Ron's hair (creepy),

Ron and i attended the March Moustache Party Bash at the Royale!! There were shots to be had,
DJ Cliffe and DJ Early were spinning some killer tunes

and prizes were handed out for the moustache awards! i did win creepiest moustache for the individual eyelashes i had stuck to my upper lip.

Saturday, i invited my peeps out to Tower Grove Park for a picnic. i wanted everyone to quilt the earth with their beautifullly colored blankets

and relax,

and eat
and play some rec club games!!
there was frisbee


and the day was perfect with sunny weather!

Sunday night, we bbqed out at my sister, Holly's house. i found out ,my friends, the mosquitos are out and about!!
It was the best weekend ever!!


ron said...

It was a truly fantastic weekend.

HMW said...

it was nicely planned. thank you both!