Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cooking with....

Here is a peek at what Claire and I had for dinner tonight:


A few weeks ago we were watching Simply Ming on the local PBS. His theme that day was "sesame" and one of his dishes was Sesame-Chive Butterfish with Buttered Edamames and Spinach. It looked delicious and I was obsessed with making it. I looked into actually getting butterfish but it seemed a bit difficult around here if not a bit risky, since there are many different kinds of fish that might be labeled as "butterfish". These would include "escolar" which is known to cause abdominal cramping and LOOSE STOOLS. SO, in our recipe, cod seemed a suitable alternative.

I'm happy to say that after more than a week of having the ingredients on hand and waiting for a night when it seemed like the right time to make it, we finally got it together, as evidenced above. I thought it was quite nice. Claire said it was "interesting" or "different" or something like that, but she cleaned her plate, so that says something. And so far, no cramping, etc. But it might be that all of the poison in the edamame is keeping that at bay.

Bon App├ętit!

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