Sunday, October 25, 2009

YO Adrian!! pt.1

I met up with Ron in Philadelphia, to extend his courier trip so we could SPLIT the
city together!!

Our First day in Philadelphia

Varga Bar for dinner!

      (Slyfox pils in a can, pot o pickled vegetables, Lump Crab Cheese Fries. 
                not pictured- sweet squash gnocchi with truffle oil)

Dessert at Max Brenner Chocolate by the Bald Man!

The Brown Heart- a warm chocolate cake filled with a double layer of pure chocolate and peanut butter. Served with crunchy wafer balls, a side of vanilla sauce, and vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate fondue!  (AMAZING!) 
We both enjoyed a double espresso in a Kangaroo cup served with a chocolate bar!

"Excuse me, you have a little something on your..."
Death to the Chocolate!!

After walking around to feel out the city,  Ron and i happened upon Continental

Head up to the rooftop where they have my favorite Bertoia wire chairs to sit in...
and relax by the waterfountain!                    

"Hey, this Continental Martinin isn't dirty enough!"


SplendorFalls said...

Lookin' good in Philly!

Sara said...

Um, you guys are WAY too cool for your own good. I think you need to have a baby.

Matthew Frederick said...

oh man! i used to go to the continental all the time!