Friday, October 30, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Party!

Ron and i split a party last weekend, at Leslie's house!
We had way too much fun (meaning, too much spider cider!)
i brought the pumpkin pie angel food cake, topped with whipped cream!  i don't know which was more successful, the cake or the can of whipped cream?!! 
There was 

school recess,  

pumpkin carving, 

sittin' by the bonfire, eating goodies (including toasted pumpkin seeds ) and dancing to halloween favorites like 'the monster mash' ,  and my favorite, Ray Parker Jr.'s 'Ghostbusters'! 
Ron HAD to stop on our way there to get pumpkins for the carving contest, which he didn't even participate in!  
i did for fun, and WON the contest!!

This cute little spooky wallet was my prize!! 

Can't wait for next year Leslie, thank you!!

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