Saturday, October 17, 2009

the Great Pompion!

as soon as October hits,  i get excited about everything pumpkin!!  who doesn't?
I had to look back at my sister, Beth's blog archives, to find this easy pumpkin treat!!

mix a box of angel food cake mix (single packet) with
one whole can of Libby's Easy pumpkin pie MIX.  (make sure it says MIX on the can).  
just these two items!!  no water!!! 
it will get foamy and really bulk up.  sprinkle with cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.   spray the bundt pan.  pour into a baking pan.  bake at 350 for 30 min.   when cooled, add some whipped cream, powdered sugar, or icing to finish it off!!  
soo easy and soo good!!

The pumpkin treat that tops my list would have to be the Great Pumpkin from Ted Drewes!! 

 These people are genius by putting a whole slice of pumpkin pie in each concrete!!  Two weeks ago, Barb and Dave went along with Ron and I, as we split our first Great Pumpkin of the season!  it was a cold night, so the four of us sat in my car and ate our cold concretes! Delicious!
last week, when Ron and i were in Philadelphia,  we were reading the beer list at Brauhaus Schmitz,  a German Beirhall, and recieved a brief history on pumpkin beer.
 The old english called them pompions (a French term) and used them as a thickening agent when they ran out of other ingredients to make their ales.  
The description of the Elysian night owl pumkin ale was so good that we decided to order one, only to find out that there was no pumpkin ale on draft yet.   oh well,  we do have schlafly pumpkin ale to look forward to.   
talk about a whole slice of pumpkin pie, that's what this tastes like.  
all this excitement for pumpkins and i have to mention that my friend Leslie is having a party next weekend to celebrate Pumpkins.  my friend, Dan Zettwoch, Leslie's boyfriend and an amazing local comic artist, designed the invite!! 

head over to his site to see the rest of his drawings!  looks like he made a list of his favorite pumpkin items as well!! 

What are your favorite pumpkin treats??

Happy Halloween!!

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