Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ron went with me to see Twilight this evening.  it followed the book for the most part. 
i loved that ron kept asking me questions during the movie and i could impress him with my knowledge for once. ha!   he likes werewolves and while i was reading the books, i would tell him the stories of how the indian tribe became werewolves.   at the end he asked "aren't jacob and edward friends?"  next movie, ron, next movie!!
Not only did the movie end with a tease for the next movie, it ended with the radiohead song 15 steps!!


Tasha Roe said...

so, what were your thoughts on the movie -production, acting, special effects, etc? I have heard such terrible reviews that I dont know if I can bring myself to see it.

claire said...

special effects were lacking. i imagine the cullens all just light on their feet, instead when edward walked around the car, they put in superhero zooming sounds, it was weird. the acting was cheesy, but there was music playing most of the time to mask it.
i think you would really like it though. i liked everyone they picked for the parts.

HMW said...

claire i can't believe you went without me. actually, yes i can. i'll just wait to see it with tasha or beth or brooke.

ron said...

I'll weigh in here as well. I couldn't help thinking the whole time that it was the pilot for the most awesome new show on the CW. Actually, it was like Gossip Girl meets One Tree Hill vs Smallville and they had a love child called Supernatural. It could actually single-handedly be the CW.

I might know too much about the CW.

claire said...

don't worry holly, i will go see it again!!!

Mike said...