Sunday, December 7, 2008

the annual girlfriends gift exchange 2008

i have been attending the annual gift exchange of hostesses and friends, maggie, angela, and jill for about 10 years.   there is always great food,  much to drink and lots of good conversation!
the first year i recieved a piece of village, but now i think everyone has the hang of things.
this year, one of my best friends, alice was in attendance. 

i decided to try a few items out before i chose what i wanted...

the dangle cake plate?  it was a big hit this year!!


the beautiful fingerless gloves?  very warm!!

                                   the winner...

a purple-grey hawaiian print (swimsuit material) wine bang!! 
won't i be the stylish party goer!!!


HMW said...

scuba divers wear this material, so i hear.

Tasha Roe said...

it's called neoprene, no?
you always spice up a party, claire. :)