Thursday, February 18, 2010


i started the jillian michael's 30 day shred on january 14 and finished my day 30 on february 27.  I actually finished in 34 days, but the other days i worked out to pilates or yoga or did double SHRED on one day!  Ron shared a workout with me a few times during the first couple of levels but was there most of the workouts for level 3.   initially,  i couldn't stand having him there, but then i got used to it, and then i loved it!  He is such a great support! 
Speaking of support,  i did post daily on facebook to own up to my workouts.  i had so many great supporters leave comments, that i had to keep on going!!  Thank you to everyone!
Ron and i are planning to run back through the 3 levels of the video until we leave for vacation.  Only 14 more days until i get to feel the heat of the sun again!  
i now look like jillian on the cover of this dvd!!  HA!   really, i am more toned and have less bingo arms!  if you want more info on the dvd, post your questions in the comment section, or

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