Friday, January 8, 2010

Puerto Vallarta

Ron and i will be splitting a much needed vacation in early March. 
our friends, Dan and Leslie had planned a trip and told us to think about 
going.   Ron doesn't like the beach, and i told them that it probably wouldn't happen.
we also found out our friends, John and Rachel, had travel plans that 
overlapped that time.   Ron was the one that brought it up again and said he was interested in going.
i can't wait to lay on the beach with a cold, fruity, drink in my hand and the warm sun on my back and the sound of the waves breaking and a possible good read in my hands!!  
 i will need some book recommendations!! 


Dan Z. said...

Can't Wait!!!
ps. How does someone "not like the beach"?!? I have a feeling by the end of this trip Ron is a gonna be a full-on Parrot-Head.

Armeen said...

/travelers wife