Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dan and Leslie's 2009 Holiday Formal

Ron and i split a formal party on Saturday!!
the party pics!!

 Dan and Leslie, the host and hostess!

Ron and I all decked out!!

Group shot!!

Brad in his bow tie!!

Another Group shot!

Ha Ha!  fooled ya!  here are the real pictures!!

Brad in bow tie!

Leslie (mmm, cookie), Matt, Me
Leslie, Rachel, John (the first pimp of the evening), Me

Rachel, Matt, Katie

Brad, Emily, Mark

Mark,  Leslie the hostess with the mostest!

John and Rachel

Katie and Kevin ??

Katie, Leslie, Rachel, Emily, Dan, Me

Leslie, Rachel, Emily, Mark, Me

Claire and Ron  (not the best of pictures, but the best of the two of us from the night!)

Comic Club-  Jason,     Max, Brian, Dan, Anchovy, Kevin


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midwest 12 days said...

these look so retro...so "mad men"