Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cable T.V.

because we had missed our window of opportunity to buy the HD box with coupon, yet a third time, Ron and i decided on Cable.  Don't worry, it is only the basic cable, but we have so many more channels.  we do get CMT which has been showing alot of country movies, and FX movie channel and TBS which has alot of movies and have Channel 30 back which has alot of good reality shows.  you see where i'm going with this, Ron and i are going to be watching way more crappy tv than we need.  Look out for Ron's recent facebook posts, you will know how bad it really is. 
i have discovered a few channels have some Fitness hours, so i tried the STL TV Boot Camp tonight, which i did get Ron to do with me.  I am feeling the squats. 
how much tv do you watch, what is your TV guilty pleasure?  Reality shows,  talk shows, soap operas,  judge dramas, etc...??  


HMW said...

I'm looking forward to the SNOW on June 12th.

Wahine (wa-he-ne): Hawaiian for female surfer or polynesian woman said...

Since I am unemployed, live on a deserted island I watch a lot of guilty TV. I bet I can top everyone on this one. Here goes- it's so awful I don't want to admit it... "Tori and Dean, Home sweet hollywood" "Who wants to be a millionare?""Ghost Hunters""Biggest Loser""The Hills", oh wow there is so many I am going to stop now. i think your sister beth's biggest guilty pleasure TV show should be "ghost whisperer"