Thursday, April 16, 2009

big as all hell and half of Texas part 2

  Friday, Ted took the day off . We all went to see the Birth of the Cool show at the Blanton.


Went to El Chile for lunch! yummy fish tacos!! Rated best Tres Leches cake in Austin. delicious!!

"Austin Pizza Garden is located in the James A. Patton Building (the "Old Rock Store"), a 100 year old historic landmark in the Oak Hill area of southwest Austin, TX. Family owned & operated for 14 years,"

.After Faye got off work, we all went out for pizza at the Austin Pizza Garden.

Afterwards, we all enjoyed a bottle of wine and the movie MILK. 


ron said...

That's one cool baby you birthed, Daddy-o.

theodore said...

missing you guys already!!

claire said...

we had such a nice time with you two!! i mean THREE!!
you really did such a great job of showing us around!!
thanks again!!