Sunday, March 1, 2009

We clean-up nice

Saturday night, Claire and I got all prettied-up to go to a fancy dress-up party at Mangia for our friend Barb's 30th birthday.

As one can never be too prettied-up, evan as I was puling on my coat and finally ready to leave, Claire realized there was one last detail she had forgotten.

She needed her nails did.

I waited patiently, coat on.

Claire tries to facilitate the drying process by shaking her hands around so fast they disappear.

Nails still wet, we take off for the party, arriving just minutes before... 

...The blowing out of the candles on Barb's gooey butter birthday cake (from Gooey Louie's).

What followed was an enjoyable evening of fine people...

(Leslie, Erica, Steve, Claire, David.)

(Stephen, Barb, Christian)

Leslie, Steve, David, Matt, Bevin)
(Bevin, Matt, Erica?, the guy in the front, John, Steve, Claire, Leslie, Brad)

(Alice, Mike)


(John, Bevin, David)

...and fine dancing (especially by Barb and Dave.)

(Classic myspace-esque cute couple shot.)

Happy 30th Barb! Thanks for a great evening (as always.)


Anonymous said...

looks like you had company, that frosty never wants to go home.

looks like the gooey-butter ignited the fire.

ron said...

OMG, Beth. I swear that snowman wasn't there when I took the picture! I'm scared!!!!!

I think the cake was gooey butter and kerosene.

claire said...

i tagged snowman in the photo on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics.

To be a completist, 'guy in front' is good pal David Lucash. It's starting to seem like you should just guess David if you don't know some guy's name.

PJLime said...


(by the way, PJLime is John Brooks.)