Friday, January 23, 2009

pre- Fabulous!!

npr ran a story this morning on pre-fab housing, it's slowly catching on. i think i want to live in one and i know ron would love it too!
the houses are beautiful inside!! and very reasonable with pricing starting around 36.
i can't help but laugh at the comparison to a double wide, but in comparison, they are very modern and clean looking.
they can withstand winds up to 150mph, does that sound good enough?
only problem, floor length wide-open windows. great for a view, but walking around "freely" would be an issue.


theodore said...

i heard this story... isn't the designer located just outside STL? those houses look pretty cool. you should get one... put it in the woods and make it an ultramodern hunting cabin. :)

ron said...

What a great story, Claire. I absolutely want one.

Theo's got the right idea, as far as location.Being ultramodern, I suppose we would be hunting trends, yeah? But I'm guessing you want it on the beach instead.

HMW said...

Looks fun Claire. Where would your guests stay? At a hotel?

claire said...

funny thing, there is someone down the street from us that lives in an ul mo cabin with a beautiful seafoam blue front door. it's been done.

i would love to hunt at the beach.

where do i put my guests up now? the futon, of course. did you not notice the second bedroom in the prefab? duh!! man, why do all your comments recently sound shitty!!