Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gnome Place Like Home

(farm painting= thrift store, tiny orange gnome=??????)

Well, I guess its finally time for me to post here. As Claire will more than happily tell you, this whole thing was kind of my idea, but as usual, I've been a little slow getting started. So, how about we take it easy at first. Let's just climb over the fence and sneak a few little peeks at how things are shaping up around the apartment. It has only been 7 months, but we are finally getting it together.(Like I said, slow getting started....)

(cat= Claire's, book= They Called Her Styrene, Ed Ruscha)

(owls print=Laura Baisden@isle of printing, frame=thrift store, big orange gnome=Deals+spray paint+me, house blocks=poplar+me+Claire, grass=the internet)

(curtain=IKEA, green gnome=same as above.)

(shelves=scrap wood+me, chair=waiting room+Claire's mom, rug=TJ Maxx)

So, a little bit of progress being made. We've ripped up carpet, re-plastered parts of walls, repainted almost everything, with more to come. Eventually I'll get around to posting a little before/after business, but I'm just looking forward for now.


beth said...

isn't that what dorothy said, "there's no place like gnome. there's no place like gnome."

beth said...

isn't that "brooke's place"?

HMW said...

making progress on the apt.
making progress on the blog.
i love pictures. did you mention the chair with wheels?

natasha said...

looks great so far. Last time we saw the place there were boxes everywhere..... just like our home! :) Love the yellow in the stairway.

Laura said...

its nice to see the owls have a good home. (nice frame, the way. I had one just like it and gave it to my I want it back. haha.)